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Friday 11th November 2011

Version 5 Due Out in February

We are very pleased to say that version 5 of Family Historian, which will be a major upgrade, is due for release in February 2012. See to learn about the new and improved features in the new version.

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Free Upgrade Offer (how to give V5 as a Christmas present)

With Christmas coming up, we thought version 5 would make a great Christmas present. But how can you give it to anyone as a present when it hasn't been released yet? We had a think about that and came up with this offer as a solution:

Anyone who buys a boxed copy of version 4 (full version) from one of a list of participating stockists from 10 Nov 2011 onwards, will be entitled to a free CD upgrade to version 5 when it's released. That way, you can give friends or relatives a copy of version 4 to unwrap on Christmas Day, with the upgrade to follow shortly. Or you could keep it yourself of course.

For full details of the offer, including a list of participating stockists, see

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Offer Applies to the Download Version Too

Also, from 10 Nov onwards until version 5 is out, anyone who purchases a licence for the download version of version 4 will be entitled to a free downloadable upgrade to version 5 when it is released. Again, this only applies to the full version. It does not apply to purchases of upgrades to version 4.

For full details, see

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Version 4 Tips

TipDid you know that each picture in Family Historian can be linked to all the people in it? Each person can even be linked specifically to their face in the picture. Our apologies if you did know that, but it turns out that a surprising number of FH users don't realise that you can do that, which is a shame because you can get a lot more value out of a picture if you link it to all the people in it.

People who work with pictures mainly in the Multimedia Window are less likely to fail to realise that you can link each picture to as many people as you like. But it's more easily overlooked if you are editing a person's record in the Property Box and adding pictures from the Multimedia tab. Both ways of working with pictures are fine. But if you are using the Property Box, the trick is this: when you click on the "Add Media" button in the Multimedia tab, don't always choose "Insert from File..." in the dropdown menu. There's another option there which is "Link to Existing Multimedia Record". That's the one to use if you've already added a copy of the picture to your project.

TipAnother often over-looked feature is automatic source citations. A single birth certificate can provide data which requires 10 or more source citations. A common strategy is to create a source record to represent the birth certificate, and then enter all the information gleaned from it, and add source citations to link that data back to the source record. But you can make it easier, once you have created the source record, by creating an automatic source citation (using "Set Automatic Source Citation" on the Tools menu) referencing the new source record. Then when you enter the data, source citations will be added automatically. Just don't forget to cancel the automatic source citation ("Cancel Automatic Source Citation" on the Tools menu) when you have finished adding the data!

Automatic source citations work regardless of which technique you use to add data - even if you are creating records by using the click-and-drag technique to add boxes in a diagram.

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