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Monday 26th March, 2012

Version 5 Has Been Released!

We are very pleased to announce that version 5 of Family Historian has now been released. This is a major upgrade with a lot of new features and enhancements. See What's New in Version 5 for full details and pictures.

Users of version 3 or earlier versions, who wish to upgrade, should buy the full product - either boxed or as a download. "Version 3" means any version where the first digit is a '3'.

Users of version 4 who wish to upgrade can buy an upgrade product - either as a download or on CD. Or if you prefer to buy a full version, you can of course do that too.

See for purchase/upgrade options.

Anyone who bought version 4 as a download, from 10 Nov 2011 onwards, is entitled to a free downloadable upgrade to version 5. If this is you, there is no need to do anything. We will email you your free upgrade hopefully some time later this week. If you bought a boxed copy of version 4 from a stockist who was participating in this offer, you will be entitled to a free CD upgrade. It may take a little while for these to come through too, as we (and they) have been affected by delays with deliveries of both the full boxed version, and CD upgrades. Your patience is appreciated.

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Two Images From Version 5

Here are a couple of images from version 5 to whet your appetite. To see many more images, and to find out more about the new version, see What's New in Version 5.

Website Popups

Website Popups

In a version-4-generated website (or family tree CD or DVD), if a viewer clicks on a thumbnail or small image - nothing happens. If they click on an image in a version-5-generated website (or family tree CD or DVD), the page darkens slightly and a stylish-looking popup window appears in front of the web-page, showing either the same image blown up, or (if the image was an extract from a larger picture), the full picture. The user clicks on its Close button to close it. Actually, that's just the default behaviour. It's configurable of course.

We had a lot of requests for this functionality.

Books & Booklets

Books & Booklets

You can use version 5 to create professional-looking books and booklets. Each project can have as many books or booklets as you like. You can work on them and change them over time. They can be a mix of auto-generated chapters and pages, and your own 'free-text'. The auto-generated parts will update automatically if you change the data in your records. See What's New in Version 5 to learn more.

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